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Anne Ravanona

Anne Ravanona
Anne is the Founder and CEO of Global Invest Her helping Women Entrepreneurs become investor-ready. She is a passionate campaigner on investing in women entrepreneurs through her TEDx talk, speaking at global conferences and “Trailblazing Women” series in the Huffington Post. She has interviewed over 50 investors on what they look for before investing and over 150 women entrepreneurs about their experience of looking for funding for their business. Anne was recently named one of 26 Great People Spearheading Change in Tech Investment 2016 , 100 Women in Tech whose names you need to know 2016.

John Fayad

John Fayad
John is a writer, speaker, and coach on gender relations. He’s a frequent speaker on the Nature of Gender Differences and the Business Case for Gender Diversity. He works with Fortune 500 companies across the globe providing keynotes, workshops, and individual coaching for career success.

John has collaborated on two books on gender relations, one entitled Work With Me with John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus, a pioneer in gender relations in personal life; and co-author Barbara Annis, a pioneer in gender intelligence at work.

What You Will learn

  • The World of Funding Today
  • The Biases of Male Investors & Why they have them
  • Understanding Gender Differences
  • The Limiting Beliefs of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Practical Tips when Pitching to Men

What's in it for you

  • Practical tips about pitching to male investors to give you 'the edge'
  • Build your confidence every time you pitch
  • Gain exclusive knowledge you won’t find anywhere else
  • Frame your presentation of yourself and your ideas to be better understood & have more impact
  • Boost your pitching style through greater gender acumen
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